What our Customers say about us!

Stylianos Stylianou CY Inst. Neurology & Genetics

Stylianos Stylianou

Senior Engineer - CY Institute of Neurology & Genetics

We feel confident and secure that GE UPS allocated throughout the 1500 medical equipment are supporting our high-quality services and research systems

Costas Demetriades - Universal Life

Costas Demetriades

IT Manager - Universal Life

We recommend without any hesitation both Digicom and its GE products, who we consider professionals in matters of Continuous Power Supply

Antigoni Loizou Hermes Airports

Antigoni Loizou

Support Engineer - Hermes Airports

I strongly recommend Digicom Ltd. A company comprised of professional, consistent, accurate and diligent personnel. They have the know-how and they are methodical in their record-keeping 

Dmitry Apraksin - University of Nicosia

Dmitry Apraksin

Head of Computer Center - University of Nicosia

Digicom Ltd is one of our consistent and most reliable partners

Nicos Angastiniotis - CY University of Technology

Nicos Angastiniotis 

Senior Lecturer - Cyprus Technology University

A very knowledgeable group of people, reliable, accountable. Most importantly they back up their products with unprecedented service. 

Savvas Charalambous AMDOCS

Savvas Charalambous

Facilities Expert - AMDOCS

 Big thank you to your technical staff which makes your company a leader with their professionalism  

Mrios Panayiotou Eurosure Insurance

Marios Panayiotou

IT Manager - Eurosure Insurance Co.

Mr. Papakyriacou is managing his team with professional & ethical standards. I consider his team to be highly efficient & productive. With proper & timely communication. I highly recommend Digicom for any UPS project

Thanasis Saouros - Chapomed

Thanasis Saouros

Project Manager - Chapomed Ltd

Always very professional. Working with Digicom I feel confident my work will always be completed on time & properly. I am very satisfied with their response time whenever I need them

Andy Papanicolaou Grecian Hotels

Andy Papanicolaou

IT Manager - Grecian Hotels

Everything went well. You have very knowledgeable engineers. They did an excellent job. I definitely recommend you. You were very informative. Thank you for all your help 

Φίλιππος Καρής IT Logicpro Service Ltd

Φίλιππος Καρής

IT Consultant - IT Logicpro Services Ltd

Συνεργαζομαι με την Digicom γιατι ειδικεύονται αποκλειστικά σε UPS. Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση πρίν και μετά την εγκατάσταση. Αξιόπιστα συστήματα, σωστή προληπτική συντήρηση αλλά και επιδιόρθωσης. Προσφέρουν αξία στους πελάτες μας

Ευάγγελος Ανδρέου ΠΟΑ

Ευάγγελος Ανδρέου 

Marketing Manager - ΠΟΑ

Η υψηλή ποιότητα των προιόντων και υπηρεσιών και η άψογη υποστήριξη, εξασφαλίζει την συνεχή προστασία των συστημάτων μας. Άμεση, έγκαιρη και επαγγελματική προσέγγιση απο όλη την ομάδα της Digicom. Ευχαριστούμε!

Valentine Karatzou SYNLAB Cyprus

Valentine Karatzou

Chief Operating Officer - SYNLAB Cyprus

Mr. Papakyriacou and his team have supported our company with professionalism and efficiency. Through their top-quality products. Digicom offers high-end services and lives up to our high expectations 


Iacovos Iacovou  –  Projects Manager  /  Caramondani Bros Public Co. Ltd




Panagiotis Valanides  –  IT Manager  /  Rescueline Auto Services


Great products...Great service...Fast support...           100% satisfied !!!



Paul Nicolaou   –  General Manager-Director  /  Display Art PLC






Yiannis Drakos  

Yiannis Drakos  –  Managing Director  /  LogosNet Technologies LTD





Charalambos Flouri

Charalambos Flouri  –  Electrical Development Engineer  /  MODECSOFT Ltd


Very knowledgeable, reliable, and timely professionals. Great company to work with.



Panayiotis Kourris  –  IT System Administrator  /  G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group








Costas Georgiou  –  IT Manager  /  Elysee Irrigation Ltd




Antonis Neocleous  –  Information Technology Officer A'  /  Cyprus Tourism Organisation



Great Company, Great Product, Great Service



Takis Adamou  –  IT Manager  /  Biotronics Ltd





Stavros Charalambous  –  IT Manager  /  Atlaspantou Co Ltd


Great Work and support



Marios Panayiotou  –  IT Manager  /  EUROSURE INSURANCE CO. LTD



Excellent produces, service, support and communication. One of the highly-rated partners I have ever cooperated with.



Andreas Ioannou

Andreas Ioannou  – CEO (Founder)  / Digital Minds Creative Digital Agency



Great Service





Savvas Agathokleous

Savvas Agathokleous  -  Electrical/Electronic & Telecom Engineer/Cyprus Port & Marine Police (CoastGuard)


Good company! They know what they are doing!!



Vasiliki Daniel  -  Plant Electrical Engineer  /  Caramondani Desalination Plants LTD



Reliable systems in terms of power supply protection. Consistent and adequately trained technical staff, for prompt service in cases of preventive maintenance or emergency.