Looking for a low cost UPS for your Home Computer

You just want a simple and inexpensive way to protect your home computer and modem from power cuts! No techie stuff to learn.

The digiUPS AiO800VA (All In One) Line-Interactive UPS is the answer!

Easy to set up! Just unpack, connect your existing computer, screen & modem power cables in any of the four available UPS  sockets, press the ON button, and with enough backup time to do a proper shutdown, you are protected! Simple, fast, and safe! 

At only €89 +VAT the AiO800 is the affordable and reliable solution for PC electricity problems.

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AiO800 + mobile phone
The AiO800VA for one PC & modem
> The digiUPS AiO800 can even charge your phone and tablet.
> It incorporates a digital display with useful information about your electricity, UPS load, and battery condition.
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UPS for 2 & 3 Home PCs (or 1 PC with long backup!)

If you are looking for a simple to use and inexpensive way to protect more than one home computer from power cuts...

The digiUPS DGR1500VA & DGR 2000VA Line Interactive is the right answer!

> Compact and easy to use!
> Protecting 2 & 3 PCs respectively, VDUs, and a modem, the DGR1500 & 2000 pack enough power, (900W & 1200W) to keep you running so you can do a proper shutdown! 

At only €197 & 207 +VAT the DGR1500 & DGR2000 offer an affordable and reliable solution to outages and other interference on your electricity supply.

digiUPS DGR1500VA
DGR1500VA for 2 x PCs & modem DGR2000VA for 3 x PCs & modem
& for 1 PC with longer backup time!
> Both digiUPS DGR1500 & 2000 incorporate an AVR to correct voltage variations as well as 2 battery blocks, offering more than enough time for a proper shutdown.
> The large Digital Display provides all required user information for a trouble-free operation. 
Download the brochure for more information...