Stress-Free Use Of Your Computers!

👉 You just want your computers to work - Uninterrupted!
👉 You don't want to concern yourself with the technical stuff!
👉 You certainly don't want unexpected failures & repair costs!
👉 You just need Uninterrupted Electricity to run your business!

✔ Digicom can help!

Our UPS Keep Your Computers Running So You Can Run Your Business!

At Home - Office - Data Center - Since 1982
Select below, where you use computers and we will guide you on how to choose the right UPS to protect them or call us to do it together!
For Home Computers

Two, simple to use, affordable, Line-Interactive, battery backup UPS, to keep your PC & modem safe and running. Even during a power outage!                                                                       

Office Computers
For Shops - Business 

Guaranteed, complete UPS protection
1-phase for your Small to Medium Business Servers and Computer Networks.
For the Trade & Retail Industries,  Medical Ultrasound & Laser applications.           

Happy Data Center IT Manager
Data Centers - Industrial Applications
3-phase UPS for Medium to Large Networks. Suitable for Data Centres, Banks, Insurance, Factories, Supermarkets, Universities, Telecom, TV & Radio Stations

Some of the well-known clients that have placed their trust in us...

Support and long-term commitment are essential to our clients...

How we help!

We ensure your computer systems, large and small, will keep working without problems, even during a power outage! 

Making sure you don't loose your data, business, or income. While eliminating the cost for repairs.

We listen to your requirements. We perform our own Power Audit of your system.

We study your site and only then do we make our offer and recommendations.

You are given expert advice to ensure long term, uniterrupted operation of your system.  Allowing you to know in advance what your investment will be and reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.

We Keep Your Computers Running So You Can Run Your Business.

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Our TEam
Since 1982 our team has been supporting mission-critical applications for businesses in Cyprus and Greece. 
Critical Power Experts
Ablerex Training Certificate

With regular licensed training, our engineers are able to deal with complex installations and resolve any technical issue.